TsAGI holds a Day of Information at ROSPROM

TsAGI held a Day of Information at the Federal Agency for Industry, where the FSUE TsAGI was announced as the EC FP7 National Contact Point (NCP).The main NCP task is to render the informational and advisory support to the Russian aviation research centers and organizations. Also, the NCP provides the methodological maintenance for the joint research projects where the Russian centers and institutions participate within FP7 projects.

In 2004 TsAGI was appointed as a National Contact Point in the area of aeronautical research for the first time. For more than ten years TsAGI has collaborated with its European partners on the FP4, FP5 and FP6 projects. TsAGI’s long-term participation in international projects and its impeccable professional image served as the rationale for it to be appointed as an NCP for the second time.

TsAGI presented a new EC project, the «Clean Sky» JTI.

This new program is targeted at developing the air transport of a new generation with improved environmental impact. The objective of the Clean Sky program is the verification of new technological approaches in eco-efficiency, as far as novel aircraft are concerned.

The representatives of the Ministry of Industrial Energy, the Federal Agency for Industry, the EC S&R Delegation, as well as the key Russian research institutes (TsAGI, CIAM, VIAM, GosNIIAS, NIAT, FRI) took part in the meeting.

«We express a strong hope that the successful international collaboration of TsAGI will enhance the interest of Russian organizations in EC projects that in turn will contribute to accelerating Russian integration into the European scientific area," said Michael Kashtan, Deputy Head of Aircraft Industry Administration.

«I am sure that these meetings will help us to establish contacts and to make more active the participation of Russian researchers in solving the international challenges in area of aeronautics," said Richard Bürger, the representative of the EC S&R Delegation in the RF.

Sergey Chernyshev, Director General of TsAGI, emphasized in his address that «CLEAN SKY is a new program, constituting an excellent opportunity for Russian research institutes to broaden their cooperation and to join the ranks of the European scientific community.

«Russian centers have the real possibility of participating as partners in developing new scientific trends," Dr. Chernyshev explained.