TsAGI presents the «Aeronavtika» NCP report

TsAGI presented the report on Institute activities as of a NCP in the area of aeronautics at the meeting of the Russia — EU Joint S&R Cooperation Committee at the Ministry of Education and Science.

«Aeronavtika» NCP provides the organizational and methodological support of Russian Aviation Industry participation in European cooperative projects. Key problems were discussed at the seminars and conferences held by NCP. They concerned international cooperation, custom’s procedures, IPR, the harmonization of norms and standards, flight safety, the challenges of ATM, etc.

In 2008 the information and communication center was opened at TsAGI as part of the permanent interaction with European partners. It is equipped with up-to-date video-conference communication systems that enables international negotiations to be carried out without leaving the country. It gives an opportunity to cooperate more close and efficiently with European partners.

At present, the Russian Research Centers contribute to more than twenty FP6 projects and participate in four FP7 Call 1 projects. The applications on twenty additional FP7 projects are under EC consideration. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Moscow State University n.a. M.v. Lomonossov submitted their projects under the support of «Aeronavtika» NCP to participate in European joint research programs.

In the future, enhanced Russian participation is planned in EU Frame Programs.

«Aeronavtika» NCP activities are aimed at accelerating the integration of Russian and European scientific communities.