The Conference on FP7 SADE Project

26–27 May 2009, the first reporting meeting of FP7 SADE (Smart High Lift Devices for Next Generation Wings) Project partners took place in Delft, the Netherlands.

26 May, TsAGI as a Leader of the WP4, devoted to the experiment activity, contributed to the conference of Technology Steering Group, comprising the Project Coordinator and the WP Leaders.

27 May, during the review meeting all the project partners discussed the results obtained within the first year of project implementation and the plan to go on with carrying out the work.

13 EU research centers are involved in implementation of SADE Project: DLR, Airbus-Deutschland, EADS-Deutschland, RWTH Aachen (Germany), CIRA, PAI (Italy), ARA, CU (Great Britain), FOI (Sweden), SMR (Switzerland), TUD (the Netherlands), VZLU (Czech Republic), and the Russian Federation that is represented by TsAGI.

The international scientists team researches the possibilities to enhance the lift wing qualities and to reduce the noise level for the advanced aircraft when the take-off and landing regimes of the flight as well as to optimize the aircraft aerodynamic properties to cruise flight conditions.

Specialists of TsAGI contribute to the theoretical and experimental research complex to sound the choice of the smart adaptive winglet and wing flap conception. One of the wing edge versions is based upon the selectively deformed structures proposed by TsAGI that are known abroad Russia as SDS structures and that are awarded with a golden medal of the International Invention Show in Brussels.

The Institute is responsible for one of the key project stages, namely the creation of the wing section and its testing in T-101 WT planned on 2012.