FP7 EC SUPRA project launched

September 6–9, the first meeting of FP7 EC SUPRA project partners under the topic «Development of a novel approach for simulating the stall and recovery regimes through flight simulators» was held in Souesterberg (the Netherlands).

TsAGI is involved in all eight Project Work Packages. Being a Leader of the WP7, TsAGI is responsible for generating the specifications for various systems flight simulators and the characteristics of aircraft mathematical models to simulate stall and recovery regimes. The specialists of TsAGI have solved various challenges of the SUPRA project, i.e., generating the phenomenological mathematical model for the unstable aerodynamic properties of the generalized passenger aircraft to provide high angles of attack; determining the control laws for moving systems of flight racks and flight simulators that are used to simulate the critical regimes in flight, and; adapting the PSPK-102 Flight Simulator for simulating the flight critical regimes with the pilot engaged. In order to confirm the computational research, TsAGI plans to perform the tests through the PSPK-102 Flight Simulator (TsAGI, Russia), DESDEMONA (TNO, the Netherlands) and GRACE (NLR, the Netherlands), as well as to use the flying testbed for flight tests (Flight Research Institute, Russia).

The Work Package Leaders presented the information on the plans, schedules and reporting form. Eric Groen (TNO, the Netherlands), the primary project Coordinator, made a report on the technical scope of SUPRA. Heather Griffoen (TNO) presented the financial status, payments, contracts, and legal and institutional issues. The participants of the meeting approved the SUPRA Project logotype; the logo designed by TsAGI was chosen among the ten proposed.

The SUPRA Project started on the first of September, 2009. Nine companies from seven countries are engaged in this project, among them are the following Russian enterprises: FSUE TsAGI, FSFC LII (FRI) and TsNTU «DINAMIKA». The Project duration is 36 months, it is mapped out to be completed on the thirty first of August, 2012.