FP6 EC NICETRIP Project workshop

September, 2009 the representatives of NLR, Dutch S&R Center, visited TsAGI to execute the final inspection of the work within the EC FP6 NICETRIP Project performed by TsAGI.

The NICETRIP (Novel Innovative Competitive Effective Tilt Rotor Integrated Project) is focused on determining the critical technologies and systems through design, integration and testing the rotor aircraft components. The major helicopter makers and the key European S&R centers (Eurocopter, Agusta, ONERA, DLR, WESTLAND, NLR, SICTA) contribute into the project. TsAGI is the only Russian institute that participates in this project. The institute is responsible for manufacturing the components of the heliplane large-scaled model that is intended to be tested at NLR.

The Dutch specialists showed their interest in parts machining technology and in metering equipment for measuring the aircraft components parameters. They focused on the issue of holding the joining interface tolerance and of strict adherence to the axial angles of drain ports.

After the meeting the NLR representatives invited the specialists of TsAGI to visit the Netherlands to take part in the final model assemblage. The project partners confirmed their intention to continue cooperating in model manufacturing.