IV Workshop, EU-Russia Cooperation in Aeronautics Research

October 15–16, 2009 EU-Russia Cooperation in Aeronautics Research, the Fourth Annual Workshop will take place in Moscow. The Ministry for Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the European Commission, TsAGI, CIAM, VIAM and GosNIAS are organizers of the Workshop.

The event will focus on the following major issues: the improvement of the EU-Russia interaction in aeronautics research, the informational and methodological support for the Russian organizations within the FP7 International Projects, and the representation of the Russian aviation experimental basis as applied to the priority co-projects implementation within the ERA.

A wide range of issues related to developing the new international RTD cooperation forms, the perspective trends in aeronautics research and the joint projects on developing new generation aircraft will be under consideration. The practical aspects of the realization of EU-Russia Coordinated Call within the Third Call of the FP7 on Aeronautics and Air Transport will be also discussed.

CEOs of the Russian aviation industry, EC Councils on Transport, and representatives of the major research centers and aerospace firms of Russia and of Europe will contribute to the Workshop.