EC FP7 VALIANT Project Meeting

On March 9–10 in Lyons (France), a meeting took place of all the partners of the «Validation and upgrading the aerodynamic noise simulation facilities» EC FP7 VALIANT Project.

TsAGI contributes to the project’s experimental activities, namely Tasks 2.1 and 2.2 of the WP#2. At the preliminary stage of project design specialists of the aero-acoustics division proposed to use the quasi-exclusive slot radiation effect, generated by airflow over the elongated bodies, as one of the most important noise-generation effects when slats and flaps are being washed by the airflow. The project partners approved this concept and TsAGI was appointed leader of Task 2.2. The numerical simulation of this effect will be performed by the Mathematical Modeling Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, DLR, NLR and TUB (University of Berlin).

During the meeting the project partners harmonized the geometrical and aerodynamic parameters for test execution and for numerical simulation within all the Project Tasks. The decision was made to simplify the undercarriage leg model geometry (Task 2.4) as the original model was found to be too sophisticated to be used for calculating accurately noise generation effects. The experiment parameters proposed by TsAGI to fulfill the Task were approved. In the near future TsAGI specialists will manufacture the pilot model.

The VALIANT Project was launched September 1, 2009 to address mainly the mathematical simulation approaches for the airframe flow aerodynamical noise assessment. To realize this task the model flows were selected. These model flows are to undergo experimental research (accurate measuring of the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic properties) at the first stage of the project. During the second stage, the numeral simulations of all model-flow measured parameters will be carried out.