Newsletter is published after the first two years of FP7 SADE project implementation have passed.

FP7 SADE project (Smart High Lift Devices for Next Generation Wing) was launched on May 1, 2008. The project is aimed at developing, research and testing of the adaptive high-lift devices. Test will be performed in TsAGI’s T-101WT using the large-size unswept wing model (the wingspan is 5 m). This enables enhancing the lift-to-drag ratio of the next generation wing when essentially reducing the structure weight, the noise level during the take-off and landing and the fuel consumption. One of the investigated concepts of the adaptive leading and trailing edges is based on the so called Selectively Deformed Structures that were proposed by TsAGI and that are known abroad as SDS structures. The inventor of the SDS concept and the leader of TsAGI group participating in SADE project is Prof. Gennady Amiryants, Chief Scientific Researcher of Aeroelasticity Department of TsAGI.

Newsletter is published after the first two years of SADE project implementation have passed.

It contains a review of fulfilled and planned activities within SADE project.

Newsletter can be found at SADE public website

Download PDF: Smart high Lift Devices for Next Generation Wings