EC FP7 DeSiReH Project Workshop


March 25, 2010. EC FP7 DeSiReH (Design, Simulation and Flight Reynolds Number Testing for Advanced High Lift Solutions) Project Workshop was held in Sweden. The representatives of TsAGI (the Russian Federation), FOI (Sweden), EADS-CASA (Spain), IBK (Germany), CIRA (Italy), INTA (Spain) and ONERA (France) took part in Workshop.

The Project co-partners considered the numeric methods that would be applied for simulating the unsteady-state viscid gas flows that are generated around the wing when lift devices are extended and the angle of incidence is beyond stalling (supercritical). An analysis of the presented data demonstrated that currently there exists no approach that is capable of describing properly the separated-flow physical properties. The participants of the Workshop decided to use the generic meshes prepared by FOI and CIRA in order to compare the numeric results. The experimental data resulting from the EVROLIFT-2 Project will be used as a test pattern.

The theoretical discussion on the influence of «entropic» shaping layers upon the numeric solution quality initiated by the INTA delegation was of a particular interest. The representatives of ONERA spoke on testing the accuracy of the resulting wing characteristics through integrating the pressure not only as related to the surface but to the «contour» as well.

«The Workshop gave a green light to carry out the basic stage of the work that is connected to test computation execution," commented Sergey Bosnyakov, CEO of the Powerplant Aerodynamics Department and the DeSiReH Project Leader. «TsAGI has already prepared a new version of the computation program realizing the zone approach and enabling the use of explicit numerical patterns and of an implicit one in different zones. This approach is unique and it has every prospect of success.»