Public Protection against high noise impact – III All-Russian Theoretical and Practical International Conference

22–24 March, 2011, Saint-Petersburg. III All-Russian Theoretical and Practical International Conference will take place in the «Moscow» Hotel.

The Conference program includes:

  • Detrimental noise background alleviation.
  • Laws and regulations against high noise.
  • Noise impact on humans.
  • Progress in the struggle against foreign noise.
  • Protection against noise.
  • Noise analysis program.
  • Urban noise maps.
  • Noise monitoring.
  • Room noise alleviation.
  • Acoustical material.
  • Noise protection requirement development at design stage.
  • Noise analysis approach in rooms and neighborhoods.
  • Noise protection requirements of supervisory authorities.
  • Acoustic pollution monitoring.
  • Noise sanitary standards grounds within projects.
  • Devices to measure noise, vibrations and infrasound.
  • Motor transport noise: assessment and alleviation.
  • Aircraft noise: assessment and alleviation.
  • Rail transport noise alleviation.
  • Building and construction noise impact.
  • Ways and means to reduce vibration impact from transports on buildings and constructions.
  • Transport infrasound alleviation.
  • And so on.

More than 300 participants will take part in the Conference and about 100 presentations will be made. Before the start of the Conference the Conference Proceedings will be published and an exhibition of state-of-the-art acoustic instrumentation and noise and vibration protection devices will be organized. Prominent national and foreign scientists, as well as professionals in noise protection will address the Conference. The organizers will focus attention on the practical aspects of this challenge, as well as on the noise and vibrations requirements of supervisory authorities.

The program includes a series of training workshops the graduates of which will be given personalized certificates. For training sections topics see: