ORINOCO Project Conference at TsAGI

March 18, 2011. The final meeting of the three-day conference of partners in the ORINOCO EU-Russian research project under the title «Progress in international strategic cooperation with Russia in generating the new control modes for engine noise based on plasma actuators» took place on the premises of TsAGI in Zhukovsky.

E. Kovalev, Deputy Director General of TsAGI, opened the working meeting. He highlighted that the ORINOCO project was complicated but interesting as a new form of collaboration and cooperation between Russian and European organizations, that is, it is performed based on shared funding.

The proceedings were devoted to information exchange and discussing plans for the next step in the ORINOCO project. During the visit the foreign partners saw the museum and experimental facilities of TsAGI: The PSPK-102 Flight Simulator, the Т-101 transonic WT, the Т-105 vertical WT and Т-128 WT that allows testing aircraft models under sub-, trans- and supersonic velocities.

The ORINOCO project is concerned with generating novel technologies for noise alleviation, and constitutes an attempt to influence directly the fundamental noise generation mechanisms due to controllable interaction of plasma disturbances and sound generating oscillations. The project was approved within the coordinated 7FP EC-Russia call. The project is simultaneously headed by two coordinators: By TsAGI on behalf of Russia and by ONERA on behalf of EC.

In addition to TsAGI the Russian participants are CIAM; the Aviadvigatel JSC; the Institute of General Physics of the RAS n.a. A. M. Prokhorov; High Temperature Institute of RAS, FSUE «TRINITY." All are organizations with outstanding reputations both in Russia and the world in the area of plasma studies. Moreover, the Industrial Committee under the ORINOCO project was founded composed of three representatives of the European aviation industry (Airbus, Snecma, AleniaAermacchi) and of three Russian aviation companies (Sukhoi Co. JSC, Tupolev JSC, TANTK n.a. G. M. Beriev JSC). The Committee is responsible for the peer review of solutions obtained from the POV of industrial stakeholders