NCP Aeronautics holds «Information Day»

March 24–25, 2011. The Info Day was held in TsAGI in Zhukovsky. It highlighted the financial and legal issues to be taken into consideration when participating in European Frame Programs. The event was organized by the Aeronautics NCP that was established and based on Institute premises (international business department).

In course of the Info Day a master class was given by Carla Chibidziura, the international financial and legal expert from FFG, and Liliana Proskuryakova, the director of the National Contact Center of international research mobility (NIU-VShE).

Andrey Boginsky, Deputy Director General of economics and finances, who opened the workshop, accentuated the urgency of more active participation of the Institute in Frame Programs.

Then he gave the floor to Liliana Proskuryakova, «Partnership» NCP expert, who made a survey of projects in the area of «Transport (Aeronautics included)» within FP7. Next, a practical training session under the supervision of Carla Chibidziura considered all the aspects of cooperation. For this specialists chose a number of the most important aspects of international activities:

  • Primary principles of financing the FP7 projects.
  • Costs planning and management.
  • Financial statements procedure.
  • Legal issues of participation in Frame Projects; and
  • Audit certificate and Certificate on Methodology.
«The Info Day demonstrated that such meetings where the European projects regulations and procedures are possible to be considered in real time are of great value and necessity for the Russian partners of FP7 projects," said Sergey Sidorov, Head of International Business Division of FSUE TsAGI.

Also, specialists from various Russian research centers and educational organizations (FSUE CIAM, FSUE GosNIIAS, Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering Faculty of MIPT, Monitor Soft Co Ltd, Aviaaudit, etc.) took part in the event.