Meeting of the Russian working group on the X-Noise

The Second Russian National Conference on Aviation Acoustics was held in Zelenograd in the Moscow region on September 27–30, 2011. The conference also hosted a meeting of the Russian working group on the X-Noise EV project of the 7th EU Framework Program.

At a meeting of the Russian working group on the X-Noise project a discussion was held on the plenary report by v. F. Kopiev and A. G. Munin (TsAGI): «Environmental problems in aviation» dealing with the national aviation environmental program for the period 2012–2025, to ensure compliance of domestic aircraft with international environmental standards. As a result, X-Noise members made proposals concerning the verification of numerical methods being established in aeroacoustics for inclusion in the National Plan for the Development of Science and Technology in the Aircraft Industry. Europe has currently launched several projects dealing with the problem of verification, while in Russia there are no targeted projects in this area, which to some extent impedes the development of computational aeroacoustics. The participants also considered the problem of synchronizing Russian scientific research with research carried out in Europe.