TsAGI proposal for ESWIRP project approved

A joint proposal by scientists from TsAGI and the Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics at the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT, Germany) on the formulation and conducting of experimental research in the ETW cryogenic tunnel has been approved by the tender committee of the European Commission’s 7th Framework Program. The tender was held as part of the ESWIRP (European Strategic Wind Tunnels Improved Research Potential) project. A total of three projects were submitted, based on ideas from eight organizations to conduct research in three strategic wind tunnels in the European Union: ETW, DNW-LLF and S1-MА.

The project selected by the tender committee consists of a proposal from TsAGI scientists to research leading edge thrust in the ETW European cryogenic tunnel, and a proposal from USTUTT aerodynamicists to measure the non-stationary flow field in a wing’s wake using time resolved particle image velocimetry (TR-PIV). It is planned to conduct the experiment in 2013.

«Participation in the ESWIRP project will provide our specialists with a unique opportunity to formulate and conduct experiments in a cryogenic tunnel. The results will be a test study to verify current and newly developed numerical methods at real Reynolds numbers," TsAGI laboratory director Anton Gorbushin said.

Along with TsAGI and USTUTT, specialists from the European research centers DLR (Germany), ONERA (France), the Institute of Thermomechanics (Czech Republic), VKI (Belgium) and VZLU (Czech Republic) will take part in conducting the experiment in the ETW. NASA (USA) will supply a model plane for testing. The testing will be financed by European Commission funds.

The ESWIRP project began in 2009 and is spread over four years. The partners in the project are DNW (Germany — The Netherlands), ETW (Germany) and ONERA (France). The main aim of ESWIRP is to increase the quality of results and the productivity of strategic tunnels in Europe by attracting the intellectual potential of research centers and universities in other countries.