National Contact Point "Aeronautics"

altTsAGI, the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professory N. E. Zhukovsky, has been named the National Contact Point (NCP) for Russia-EU collaboration for aeronautical research.

The NCP was created by Decree № 19 of the Federal Agency on Industry (Rosprom) dated January 28th 2008.

The naming of TsAGI as the National Contact Point for aeronautical research is no coincidence: The Institute has been successfully coordinating aeronautical research activities within the 6th Framework Program.

Based on TsAGI long-standing experience in international aeronautical research cooperation, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, in agreement with Rosprom, appointed TsAGI as the National Contact Point in 2004.

The mission of NCP «Aeronautics» is dissemination of information on the EU 7th Framework Program in aeronautical research, as well as providing informational, organizational and consulting assistance to Russian research and production teams which wish to participate in FP7 projects.

On our website one can find information on current and forthcoming calls, scientific conferences, workshops and other events organized in major Aeronautics research disciplines.

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